Who We Are, What We Do & Why We Do It | SURVIVEiTĀ®

If youā€™re new to the SURVIVEiTĀ® Community, or are familiar with us but want to know more, weā€™d like to share what we offer cancer patients, why our resources are important and our motivation behind what we do, and about the cancer navigation tool in development.

What We Do

As a team of cancer survivors, patients and medical experts, we work to facilitate informed decision-making for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis. Through experience-based wisdom, we guide, teach, and support patients and caregivers to navigate their chosen path to face cancer with hope.

We work to empower anyone affected by cancer with the knowledge they need to survive. To us, knowledge is a key first step. Knowledge coupled with actionable guidance is empowering. Thatā€™s the difference at SURVIVEiTĀ®. This is a major component of facing cancer fearlessly.

How We Do It

We know a diagnosis comes with many opinions from many people – doctors and loved ones alike. As a group of survivors and medical experts, we cut through the noise to help you navigate the convoluted process of managing the disease.

We provide best-in-class cancer resources and objective information so you are equipped to make critical decisions and achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our resources include:

  • Our Cancer Navigation Tool – A 5-step personalized planning tool created by survivors and medical experts.
  • A Remote Second Opinion Guide to help point cancer patients in the right direction and advocate for themselves.
  • Our Start Here Guide, a resource that provides you with two actionable steps you can take, and what the path towards selecting the best treatment strategy might look like for your unique cancer.
  • 21 questions to ask your oncologist during your next visit so you can be armed with the right knowledge to face your cancer.
  • A series of Fearless Friday videos featuring survivors, caregivers, and medical experts bringing you relevant information and actionable resources.

Our resource library also has book recommendations, resources for caregivers, information on insurance, meal services and more.

Why What We Do Matters

Everything we do is guided by the wisdom and urgency that can only come from having faced cancer ourselves. We are constantly moved to help empower you and others to define your journeys and face cancer fearlessly.