The Cancer Liberation Project Podcast

SURVIVEiT The Cancer Liberation Project with Hayley Dubin

Hayley Dubin is an ovarian cancer survivor and a member of SURVIVEiT ‘s Survivor Advisory Council. This Summer Hayley launched her very own podcast, The Cancer Liberation Project, exploring liberation and life after a cancer diagnosis. This podcast builds on the work she’s been doing through reVIVE Wellness, where she helps coach those who have been touched by cancer on their road to recovery and preventative health.


What is The Cancer Liberation Project Podcast?

The Cancer Liberation Project came out of my desire to show you the incredible blessings and opportunities that can come out of the cancer experience. All you need to do is expand your mind to what is possible when you take the power back when it comes to your health and wellbeing. In the early days of creating the podcast, my close circle of friends suggested approaching podcast agencies (such as Lower Street). I might have to give them a try once this platform expands a little more. For now, the podcast explores many topics that impact cancer patients and survivors; how to prevent cancer, holistic approaches to healing, coping with emotional stress, becoming resilient after a cancer diagnosis, supporting loved ones and more. I explore these topics with inspiring people who have made helping others their life’s work; survivors, caregivers, health experts, health leaders and authors. By bringing in different perspectives to each conversation, the hope is that cancer patients can be inspired to live a vibrant life.

Why is this podcast so important?

The idea (and name of the podcast) comes from my personal experience with cancer and treatment and the idea of being liberated from those experiences.

It encompasses so much on taking control – of your health and your power,” she said. “It also came out of my desire to show that cancer can be a bridge to freedom. The freedom to get to know yourself and to live your life on your terms. Freedom to take your power back when it comes to your health. And I think that is important; to make cancer less scary. That living a healthy, vibrant life is possible after cancer.” – Cleveland Jewish News

What has been your most memorable interview?

Everyone has a story to tell, and their stories can add to and inspire someone else’s health journey. All of the interviews have been really great in their own way, but one that sticks out is episode 4. I interviewed Yvonne Nydigger, Director of Programs at Breast Friends of Oregon. She had such a warm, soothing presence that I left the interview wanting to be her friend! She gave wonderful pearls of wisdom when it came to the emotional aspect of the cancer journey as well as the different stages cancer patients/ survivors go through and how to work through them. It was evident how much her work meant to her. She was approaching retirement when I interviewed her, but still took the time to speak to me to give others inspiration and hope.

Listen to the Podcast!

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Here’s what some listeners have already said about it.


I cannot recommend this podcast enough. This podcast shares inspirational cancer survivor stories from guests along with Hayley’s openness and willingness to relate them to her own cancer journey. Expect to be inspired and take away some valuable coping strategies and tools to live your best life!



Although I have not had cancer, I do try and live a preventative lifestyle to be as healthy as I can. I also have friends and family who have or had cancer so it’s helpful to hear from these podcasts to understand what they may be dealing with to try and be a more compassionate listener and friend to them. Thank you Hayley for sharing your journey and knowledge.



Everyone can get something out of this podcast. While most everyone is touched by cancer in some way, this podcast teaches us to live fearlessly, gives tips on how to live your best life and introduces us to inspiring people. Hayley is a thoughtful & talented interviewer. Glad to have found this podcast as it will now be on my weekly rotation.