SURVIVEiT®’s Cancer Navigation Tool | Back Our Crowdfunding Campaign Today

It has been our mission to design a tool that will change the experience of a cancer diagnosis for all patients. Today we are announcing that we’ve done it, and development is underway.

SURVIVEiT®’s Cancer COPiLOT™ is being developed to fill a void that currently exists for cancer patients. This comprehensive tool will equip cancer patients with personalized guidance to take action so they can advocate for themselves and ultimately gain a sense of control and hope during a difficult time.

COPiLOT™ is the first comprehensive 5-step cancer management tool, created by a team of survivors. To develop COPiLOT™, we spent several years exploring the needs of patients and caregivers facing a diagnosis across 29 tumor types. After learning of the gaps and hearing the needs, we built a first-of-its-kind innovative patient interface that addresses them and delivers peace of mind, ease and manageability in one convenient digital tool.

Now we are calling on you to join us in bringing this first-of-its-kind cancer navigation tool to life.

Backing The Cancer COPiLOT™ will enable us to ensure this new patient interface reaches the millions of people diagnosed and managing cancer every day, giving them the tool they have been seeking to navigate their cancer journey.

Join us in changing the course of cancer for millions of people.

What Role Will You Play?

There are a number of reasons you may want to get involved with our mission. Maybe you’re facing cancer right now or you’re a devoted caregiver. Maybe you’ve lost someone to cancer and you want to do something to honor them. Maybe you know someone who was recently diagnosed and you’re feeling helpless.

Regardless of your motivation, we need you to help us create a world free from the fear of cancer. And it starts with this tool!

Everyone’s role might look a little different, but here are some ways you can get involved.

1. Back out Crowdfunding Campaign. Make a donation of any amount or select one of these perks:

  • The Backer: Equip 5 cancer patients with the tool
  • The Supporter: Receive a FEARLESS bracelet
  • The Ally: Receive a note from a cancer survivor
  • The Champion: Be a Beta tester
  • The Advocate: Get early access to the tool
  • The Pioneer: Submit a name to be listed as a Pioneer of the tool
  • The Innovator: Have coffee with the creators
  • The Ultimate Innovator: Be solely responsible for funding 10%!

2. Advocate and Share

Awareness is key to raising the funds we need to complete The Cancer COPiLOT™ and in today’s connected world, you have the power to amplify your voice. You can help bring awareness to this project by:

  • Sharing our social media posts
  • Reach out to your friends who have been impacted by cancer. Text or email them a link to the Indiegogo page. Here is some copy to get you started
    Hi friends! I just backed @SURVIVEiT’s innovative cancer navigation tool because ___________. Please join me in equipping patients and caregivers with this digital tool!
  • Posting your own message to your followers
  • Talking to your Instagram followers in your story and tagging @SURVIVEiT_official
  • Asking your employer to back the project

Want to do more? Ask 5 of your friends to back The Cancer COPiLOT™. If each of your friends then ask 5 of their friends, you’ll trigger a ripple effect!

Thank you for your support! LiVE FEARLESS!