SURVIVEiT® – What Role Will You Play?

At SURVIVEiT, we believe that everyone deserves access to the very best in cancer care and we believe that everyone can be their best advocate, with a little help from us.

We have recently been completely dedicated towards creating a free, personalized online tool that will arm those facing cancer with timely resources, guidance, knowledge, and support during a time that too often leaves them feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and afraid.

We need your help to get this into the hands of those who desperately need it.

Here is a list of a few ways that you can help make a difference and change the way we face, and manage, cancer.

1. Straight-up donate

While it isn’t the only way to help us in our goal, financial donations are integral in developing our revolutionary tool. You can choose to give one time or make a recurring monthly donation, both of which are tax deductible.

2. Dive into development

Be part of SURVIVEiT’s beta testing team. All that means is test-driving our tool as we further develop it so that when we launch, we’ve covered as many bases as we can. Have a computer and a desire to help others? Sign up to be a beta tester by emailing us!

3.. Advocate

Awareness is key to raising the funds we need to complete this tool and in today’s connected world, we all have the power to amplify our voice and there is strength in numbers. From simply sharing our social media posts to asking your employer to match your donation, there are numerous ways you can encourage others to donate and help us achieve our goal.

For ideas on how you can get others involved and what to say to them, read more in our blog here.

What role will you play in bringing this revolutionary tool to life?  Please check out our Donate Page for ways to support.