SURVIVEiT® Launches Its Cancer Navigation Tool: Colon Edition


First-Ever Interactive Tool Helps Colon Cancer Patients Navigate Their Cancer Journey

(Denver, CO, SEPT 14, 2021) – SURVIVEiT®, an organization that envisions a world free from the fear of cancer, has launched its Cancer Navigation Tool: Colon Edition, a free, interactive, five-step personal cancer guide developed by survivors and oncology professionals for lung cancer patients.  The Cancer Navigation Tool reimagines informed decision-making for patients and delivers on a philosophy that each individual should be equipped to define and navigate their cancer journey from the moment of diagnosis.

Now live on the SURVIVEiT website, this one-of-a-kind comprehensive Tool outlines the five steps to navigate the cancer journey:

  1. TESTiT – getting a thorough diagnosis via comprehensive molecular profiling
  2. VERIFYiT – gaining qualified second opinions and review of molecular profiling
  3. MATCHiT – defining their personal goals for treatment and quality of life
  4. SUPPORTiT – managing side effects and complementary therapies through treatment
  5. LIVEiT – survivor-vetted resource library for many aspects of managing the disease

Dr. Christopher Lieu, Gastrointestinal Medical Oncologist at The University of Colorado Cancer Center, says, “This tool can provide critical information to help find the right providers for the cancer type, guide the questions patients should ask, and ensure that they are receiving the most cutting-edge and up to date treatment available from the best cancer centers in the world.  Knowledge and information can help save lives, and SURVIVEiT will do just that!”

The online Tool is intended to address key issues in the oncology field such as patient understanding and recall issues, shared decision-making, and geographic barriers to care. By increasing access to molecular testing, expert remote second opinions, clinical trials, and supportive care, this navigation tool is poised to improve patient outcomes.

“Based on 8 years of one-on-one coaching and collaboration among survivors, this Tool is the first comprehensive and actionable guide to navigate the entire cancer journey,” stated Joy Brewster Rusthoven, Executive Director at SURVIVEiT. “ The Tool was designed knowing that patients and caregivers are typically overwhelmed and feeling out of control after receiving a cancer diagnosis. SURVIVEiT has simplified and personalized the information presented and provide to-do lists so they can take action efficiently and intentionally.”

With the release of the colon cancer version of the tool, it provides colon cancer patients and caregivers personalized guidance like never before.

“As a colon cancer survivor, I’m glad this Tool can now launch, providing resources for those facing my same tumor type.  Looking back at one of the most time-consuming and stressful aspects of managing a cancer diagnosis, I remember the time spent trying to find the right specialists for a second opinion – without really knowing the best way to do it.  SURVIVEiT has done that work for our community, providing the most knowledgeable experts, who can help validate the treatment plan or provide an alternative that may be a better approach.” Tina Trenkler, SURVIVEiT Executive Board Chair and Colon Cancer Survivor.


SURVIVEiT is a registered 501(c)(3) national cancer patient advocate. Our vision is a world free from the fear of cancer. Our mission is to empower you to define your journey and face cancer on your own terms.


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