SURVIVEiT® – Giving Week 2019

At SURVIVEiT, we believe that everyone deserves access to the very best in cancer care and we believe that everyone can be their best advocate, with a little help from us.

To this end, we have recently been completely dedicated towards creating a free, personalized online tool (learn more here!) that will arm those facing cancer with timely resources, guidance, knowledge, and support during a time that too often leaves them feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and afraid.

We need your help to get this into the hands of those who desperately need it. 

Staying Afloat

Imagine with me, you’ve been taken in a boat for a nice sunset cruise. The sun is starting to dip behind the horizon, the waves are rolling gently, and you feel yourself start to relax.

As you do, you hear a click and look down to see heavy weights around your ankles. Locked in place by your guide. “Swim to shore”, he says as he pushes you overboard. You hit the water and, as you fight to bring your head above water, you break the surface in time to see the boat start speeding away from you.

What would be going through your mind? How would you react? How could you possibly get to shore? How much hope do you have?

  • Each day, an estimated 4,657 Americans are unexpectedly weighed down by a seemingly unrelenting force.
  • Each day, an estimated 4,657 Americans are suddenly overwhelmed, lost, and afraid.
  • Each day, an estimated 4,657 Americans are diagnosed with cancer.

Maybe that’s you. Or maybe that’s your loved one. Kind of feels like you got pushed off with heavy ankle weights too, doesn’t it? Patients and caregivers can find themselves adrift in a sea of information without anything to really keep them afloat.  Here’s your life raft and a key to take the ankle weights off.  No more tirelessly treading water. Let’s get you safely to the shore, as efficiently and quickly as we can.

Change is coming. And it looks like this.

Even those unscathed by cancer are aware of cancer prevention efforts, and don’t we all love to donate to cancer research? Maybe we’ve participated in a walk or a run for cancer. It feels good. Feels like we’re doing something, like we’re part of finding the cure, and ultimately we hope, right?

Definitely. We need these things, and actually more of them. More meaningful prevention efforts, more dollars for research – because we’re just not there yet. Don’t think for one minute that research dollars aren’t effective. Look how far we’ve come in the last 20 years!

It’s an exciting time in cancer research and therapy evolution. We have some very smart people in the labs, treating patients, and opening their checkbooks. Thank God!

While these preventative efforts may help someone from getting cancer, or maybe catching it early, and research helps us in the future – what about today? With continued support, we will produce a revolutionary tool to help those facing cancer TODAY.

What role will you play in bringing this revolutionary tool to life?  

Please check out our campaign page here to preview our tool, and for more information about how you can continue to help create a world free from the fear of cancer!