Over $41,000 Raised For SURVIVEiT’s Cancer Navigation Tool

In just 33 days, with the support of our Indiegogo Backers and some private donors, we raised $41,477 for the development of SURVIVEiT’s Cancer Navigation Tool! Thank you to our generous contributors who are helping us build this revolutionary tool.

Throughout our crowdfunding campaign, we received outstanding feedback. We believe this tool will change the cancer experience and we’re glad to know you agree!

Although our campaign has ended, our work is not done yet. We will continue to work hard to get our Cancer Navigation Tool built and launched as soon as we possibly can.

SURVIVEiT’s Cancer Navigation Tool

When patients receive a cancer diagnosis, most feel overwhelmed. They hear “it’s cancer” and then wonder “what should I do first? And next?” Many patients want to advocate for themselves, but they don’t know how. That is about to change.

Up to this point, there has been limited innovation in patient advocacy. Most resources stop at education and awareness. As survivors helping patients, we understand the value of informed decision-making and taking action when we can. This tool equips patients and caregivers like never before.

SURVIVEiT’s Cancer Navigation Tool (*patent pending) will provide patients and caregivers with the guidance, knowledge and support to advocate for themselves; replacing the guess-work with simple, actionable steps for their entire cancer journey.

The Impact of SURVIVEiT’s Cancer Navigation Tool


SURVIVEiT’s Cancer Navigation Tool is the ultimate cancer navigation guide, arming people with the most current and comprehensive intel on cancer treatment and management so patients with every type of cancer at every stage of their cancer can have confidence in the decisions they will make.

From the moment of diagnosis, cancer patients are faced with choices. The SURVIVEiT® Cancer Navigation Tool equips patients so they can anticipate, prepare and make informed decisions as they plot their course.

Our Navigation Tool is the first comprehensive 5-step personal cancer management tool, created by a team of survivors. To develop our Cancer Navigation Tool, we spent several years exploring the needs of people facing a diagnosis across 29 tumor types. After learning of the gaps and hearing the needs, we built a first-of-its-kind innovative patient interface that addresses them, and delivers peace of mind, ease and manageability in one convenient digital tool.

Learn about the 5 Steps in SURVIVEiT’s Cancer Navigation Tool