One-Of-A-Kind List of Lung Cancer Experts | The Top Lung Cancer Doctors

SURVIVEiT Lung Cancer Experts The Top Lung Cancer Doctors

SURVIVEiTĀ®ā€™s interactive Cancer Navigation Tool was built by survivors and medical experts to help you practically and efficiently navigate cancer care. We took our collective experience and things we wish we would have known and built this tool just for you.

One of the unique features of the Cancer Navigation Tool is the one-of-a-kind list ofĀ lung cancer experts. Here’s what you should know about this list.

What makes this list of lung cancer experts one-of-a-kind?

SURVIVEiTĀ® is the only nonprofit cancer organization performing this research. No physicians or institutions paid to be on this list. We want to offer help in a meaningful way, so we did the research to find the experts that can offer qualified second opinions – whether they be in person or remote. We believe getting an expert to review your case is one of the very best things you can do because it offers peace of mind, and sometimes will reveal a different – maybe better? – treatment option! The way cancer is diagnosed and treated is changing, so having a doctor who specializes in your unique cancer is a great way to make sure you’re accessing the very best treatment available for you.

How was the list created & how were doctors vetted?

First of all, no physicians or institutions paid to be on this list. We sought out reputable sources to identify a broad list of experts in each type of cancer based on their involvement in research, publications, clinical trials, serving on national committees, etc. Then, we called to verify where they work, confirm that they are accepting new patients, and identify which of these doctors offer a remote second opinion.

How do you use the list?

Patients and caregivers can search by location and which doctors offer remote second opinions. We know it can be difficult to travel for a second opinion. Thankfully, some doctors are offering remote opinions with the help of telemedicine! What a great resource for those facing cancer. It’s important for patients and caregivers to look into what the out-of-pocket cost is going to be. Does your insurance reimburse? Will you need to pay upfront? These are important questions to ask.

Why is this important for lung cancer patients?

At SURVIVEiTĀ®, we believe that taking action is important. We also know, from experience, that as patients and caregivers we are already managing quite a lot with cancer. Therefore, SURVIVEiTĀ® did the research to find the lung cancer experts and provide them – free of charge – so that more people can get an expert to review their case!

Where can you find the list?

Create your free plan in our Cancer Navigation Tool. The step called “VERIFYiT” is where you’ll be able to view lung cancer specialists. You will be able to search by location or by those who offer remote opinions, and save specialists to your profile so you can reference them at a later time. In this step of the tool, you will also find resources to help you gather the materials you will need for your appointment and access our thorough list of questions to ask your oncologist.