FDA Approval Updates

One of the top tips cancer survivors give to newly diagnosed cancer patients is “you have be your own advocate”.

It’s not crazy to think a patient might hear about a new drug’s approval before a doctor. It’s happened before. One of our responsibilities is to make sure we’ve checked every box with regard to our own care. You can stay on top of new therapies for your specific type of cancer and look into whether or not it could be an option to consider. As a member of your own team, it’s okay to ask your doctor about these things.

Finding FDA Updates

  1. See a chronological list of FDA Hematology/ Oncology (Cancer) Approvals and Safety Notifications.
  2. Set up Google Alerts to get news related to your specific type of cancer right in your inbox. Not sure how to set up Google Alerts? Here are step-by-step instructions

Ways For Cancer Patients To Use FDA Updates

Any time a new drug is available for your type of cancer, you can take action by messaging your medical team via the portal system or asking about it at your next appointment. This step is important because you can advocate for yourself to find out if the drug is an option for you.