Bladder Cancer Patient Stories Plus Signs & Symptoms To Be Aware Of

SURVIVEiT Guest Blog - Bladder Cancer Patient Stories Plus Signs & Symptoms

May is bladder cancer awareness month, so we want to shed some light on this particular type of cancer.

According to the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition, bladder cancer is the 10th most common cancer globally. Here are some other facts to know about bladder cancer, including signs and symptoms.

Bladder Cancer Facts

If you have any of the symptoms listed above and are concerned, book an appointment to speak with your physician as soon as possible.

Stories from Bladder Cancer Patients

Many bladder cancer patients and survivors have shared their stories in order to spread awareness of this type of cancer, the symptoms that led to their diagnosis, their treatment experience, and life post-bladder cancer. Here are some of those stories. These stories can also help those diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Jo’s Story: Each Day Is A Gift

In August of 2004 I had a routine appointment with my pulmonologist at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) during the 4th quarter of a 20-year “smoker study.” The day before, when I saw blood in my urine and the local urologist couldn’t see me for five weeks. I shared my concern with the pulmonologist, who requested a urine sample and set up an immediate visit in urology where the MD I saw immediately scheduled a scan and an appointment for a week later to share the results.

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Danielle’s Story (and Zara)

When I was pregnant with Zara, I had recurring urinary tract infections along with some pain, and even after several courses of antibiotics they kept returning. I asked my GP and midwife if this was normal and their response was “some pregnant woman are just unlucky”. I accepted this but something still didn’t sit right with me.

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Randy Layne: Facing Bladder Cancer Together

While sledding with his 10-year-old son near his home Crystal Lake, Illinois, in December 2005, Randy Layne hit his back on a tree. Later, when he noticed some blood in his urine and went to the emergency room at a local hospital in suburban Chicago, Randy assumed the problem was related to his sledding accident. An ER doctor prescribed Randy an antibiotic and told him to follow up with his primary care physician if he saw any more blood.

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Sharing Stories To Advance Research – Camille’s Story

 I came to this meeting to start taking care of myself. I realized that now that I’ve pushed all the way through the past three and a half years with bladder cancer, I am now at a point where I can help other people.

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Peter: Bladder Cancer Survivor

As part of a groundbreaking clinical trial, Peter Ehmer, 44, received treatment for his diagnosis of stage III bladder cancer. Prior to this, he had received three months of chemotherapy, had surgery to remove his bladder and prostate and participated in a clinical trial. While on this trial, two of his lymph nodes continued to grow.

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