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Here are 9 thoughtful gifts you can give the caregiver in your life. Continue reading to learn more about each caregiver gift idea and why we recommend these items.

SURVIVEiT Gift Guide - Cancer Caregiver Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for Caregivers

1. A Magazine Subscription

Sometimes getting lost in a magazine can be such a nice, mindless escape. Gift a magazine subscription to your caregiver friend.

2. Coffee Gift Cards

Due to COVID, most caregivers are unable to be with their loved ones during infusions. Treat your loved one to a cup of coffee by purchasing a gift card to a local coffee shop while they’re waiting for the infusion to be complete.

3. The 5-Minute Journal

Blank journals are always a nice gift, but sometimes we need a little prompting. The 5-minute journal offers daily prompts.

4. Gift Card to Talkspace

Being a caregiver can be incredibly isolating and difficult as the focus tends to be on caring for the cancer patient. Consider the gift of an online therapy. Talkspace is an amazing gift for any cancer caregivers!

5. Meal Delivery Service

Take 2 things off your caregiving friend’s to-do list – finding recipes and grocery shopping. Purchase a gift card for a meal delivery service! Here are 17 Meal Kit Delivery Services to consider.

6.Virtual Yoga Class

Massages and in-person yoga studios aren’t an option due to COVID-19. But you can support a local studio that offers virtual classes. Not only is it safer, but it provides more flexibility for your caregiving friend. Flexibility is key – pun intended!

7. T-shirt Quilt

Have you ever thought about making a t-shirt quilt from your old shirts? Those of you who are good at sewing will likely be able to complete this project on your own. Otherwise, you can look for a t shirt quilt company to help you. Making the quilt from old and treasured shirts is the perfect way to make a thoughtful gift for someone you love! Also, it is not surprising how much people treasure thoughtful and personalized gifts. It means literally that you care about them and want to give them something that they will enjoy rather than just picking something off the shelf. From fotokissen bedrucken to customized blankets, and care packages, there are many options one can think of when it comes to gifting something meaningful.

8. A Bottle of Wine

Purchase a bottle of wine from a local wine shop and drop it off at their door with an invite to a virtual happy hour. You could even consider booze delivery in Denver or elsewhere if you want to send a bottle of fine wine to someone who lives far away. They’ll be grateful for your efforts in providing such a considerate present. If you want to do a little more depending on the person, you may want to sign them up for a monthly wine subscription (https://www.splashwines.com/collections/subscriptions), especially if they are a lover of various wines and would find something like this an incredible gift.

9. A Bag of Local Coffee

A bag of coffee beans from a local coffee shop is a great gift idea because it supports a local business and makes a perfect gift. Leave it on their door with an invite to a virtual coffee date.

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