My Options: Systemic Therapy

“My Options: Systemic Therapy” (also known to us patients as our “main line of treatment”) was created by survivors to help patients compare treatment options, should there be more than one. We recommend filling this out for each option that is presented to you so you can make the best informed decision you can!


  1. What kind of therapy is this? Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy therapy, Targeted therapy


  1. Is surgery and/or radiation being recommended as well? If yes, see our forms for that under Key Resources in your Dashboard.


  1. How is this treatment administered?
    • If IV, how often do you need to be at the hospital to receive it?


  1. Which side effects are common?


  1. Based on similar cases, what is the likelihood of this being effective in controlling or killing my cancer?


  1. Is this covered by insurance? Covered by the clinical trial? What’s my out of pocket?


  1. Can I receive this back home? (If recommendation is coming from distant physician.)


    1. How does this line up with my stated treatment and quality of life goals (refer to MATCHiT in SURVIVEiT's Cancer Navigation Tool)?