My Options: Surgery

Did you know different surgeons might have different approaches and opinions on the surgery that might be most effective? It’s important to know your options as your decision may impact your quality of life. We created this list of questions to equip you to make the best informed decision you can!


  1. What is the goal of this treatment strategy? Cure, prolong life, or manage symptoms and side effects of the cancer?
  2. Will we be sending/saving/banking cancer tissue for biomarker/genomic sequencing testing?
  3. What is the surgical procedure being proposed? Is this an open surgery or laparoscopic 
  4. Will this be a day surgery or in-patient? 
  5. What will recovery be like for this type of surgery? Travel, work, exercise, etc. 
  6. Depending on type of surgery, will there be long term effects or impact on bodily functions? 
  7. How many surgeries like this have you done - approximately? 
  8. Will I need in-home care during my recovery? Is it covered by insurance? 
  9. Is this covered by insurance? What’s my out of pocket? 
  10.  Who do I call if I have more surgery questions after today? 
  11.  How does this line up with my stated treatment and quality of life goals (refer to MATCHiT in SURVIVEiT's Cancer Navigation Tool)?