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Meet The SURVIVEiT® Cancer Navigation Tool. Your personalized & interactive 5 step guide to check every box on your journey and give you peace of mind.

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Well-informed patients experience less fear, and receive better care. Create a customized, actionable plan with our innovative and easy-to-use tool.

The SURVIVEiT® Cancer Navigation Tool is packed with expert-vetted and survivor-trusted resources that equip you to understand, anticipate, manage, and advocate for your own physical and emotional needs. 


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SURVIVEiT® is a cancer patient advocate that empowers people facing cancer to be active participants in their distinct journeys by simplifying the steps needed to understand all options and fearlessly define a path forward. Because we understand that every second counts and nobody has more at stake.

Top Cancer Resources

Our goal is to facilitate informed decision-making. Here are our top resources to empower you to access the best care and support for your unique needs.

Get a Remote Second Opinion

With cancer research advancing rapidly, having an expert review your case is more important than ever. Our handy guide walks you through the right way to approach your options.

Ask the Right Questions

There is so much for us to talk about during the limited meetings with our oncologists. Take along 21 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist to make sure the important topics are covered.

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SURVIVEiT 3 Things I Heard As A Caregiver That Weren't Exactly Helpful

3 Things I Heard As A Caregiver That Weren’t Exactly Helpful

Allow me to preface my opinions on the fact that none of these were said to me with ill-intent. I know that people generally don't know better. That's why this series is so important. 1. "How long does he have?" I actually never "Googled" my Dad's prognosis. I didn't want...
SURVIVEiT SURVIVEiT 3 Things I Heard As A Caregiver That Weren't Exactly Helpful

3 Things I Heard As A Caregiver That Were Helpful

1. "Take all the time you need." I had a wonderful boss and employer who understood my position as my Dad's primary caregiver. Having their support and permission to work when I could was the greatest gift. It allowed me precious time with my Dad and the ability to focus...