“I wish I’d had precision medicine.”

February 13th, 2017

"Humans want certainty – I certainly did! – but throughout history medicine hasn’t had it. It took eons for us to figure out bacteria, and until then we were powerless to stop infections. Similarly, until the late 20thcentury we didn’t even understand that cancer is damaged DNA, so any treatment we tried was a shot in the dark.

Sadly, much of the treatment – even in the 20th century – was a best guess based on no science. Even the harshest treatments, such as radical mastectomy, were nothing but ignorant butchering: there had never been a shred of evidence that radical mastectomy had any benefit."

David deBronkart goes on to say:

"Now we know that much of the mischief is in those genes, which gives us the power do something about it. As we learned more, at last we could start to deal with it methodically – and, today, sometimes it’s even precise. The precision is in its early stages: a vast world of possibilities is in front of us, though we don’t yet know most of what it means."

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